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New ‘Microwave’ Discovery Could Make Household Goods More Efficient

Scientists have used microwaves to develop new “thermoelectric” materials which could be used to improve energy consumption. So what does this mean for microwaves and other household appliances?

The chemists from Oregon State University (USO) in the US have discovered that microwave energy can be utilised in order to create compounds known as “skutterudites”. These can then be used to capture wasted, excess energy before converting it into electricity.

As household appliances and machines can waste a large proportion of their energy through heat, this development could have incredible benefits for energy consumption.

The new technology also increases the speed at which the thermoelectric process is completed. Previous methods could take days to convert the lost heat into electricity, but the new process takes just a matter of minutes.

The Future of Household Appliances

An increasing focus on energy consumption has meant that a number of household appliances are now targeted towards offering more energy-efficient services. To determine the energy consumption of appliances, a simple equation can be used:

(Wattage of device x number of hours used) ÷1000 = Daily Kilowatt/hour consumption

If a high number is generated then the device is not considered to be energy efficient and may be worth replacing. Devices such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers typically have higher wattages and could therefore make households less energy efficient.

Energy-Saving Products

Energy-saving products have been designed in recent years that allow consumers to continue using these devices, whilst saving energy at the same time. Items such as the Miele W1945EcoComfort washing machine and the Siemens SN26T295GB Dishwasher have energy efficiency ratings of A+++, making them some of the best on the market.

And of course, not content with potentially helping to make thermoelectricity more commercially viable, microwave ovens are also available in energy saving form, too. This is determined by their heating efficiency rating. The better this rating the more efficient the microwave is and therefore the less energy it is likely to waste.

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