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New Line of Samsung LED TVs Merges TV and Online

A new LED TV range from Samsung has been showcased that aims to add refined elegance and luxury to a home.

Samsung claim their new LED TVs are more than just an entertainment unit but a centre piece for the living room, following the preview of the new 40 model line at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US.

The new models come in screen sizes from 19 inches to 65 inches and offer enhanced picture quality in 2D, 3D, HD and streamed content.

Features previously exclusive to premium sets will now come as standard in the new line including a comprehensive offering of apps and connected devices, 3D capabilities and advanced smart TV features.

“People want to stay connected to the relationships and information that are important to them,” said Sangchul Lee, Samsung Electronics senior vice president.

“Our latest line-up reflects a vision where smarter technology virtually and physically connects users through shared moments in the comforts of their homes.”

The new Smart Hub is offered on selected models including the following features:

  • Search All – which gives the viewer better tools to search for desired content on the TV.
  • Your Video – this delivers recommendations based on what the viewer has previously watched.
  • Web Browser – offering the ability to access the internet from your TV.
  • Samsung Apps - this is the first HDTV based application store where viewers can access paid and free apps to help them connect to their passions whether it be sport, entertainment, information, games or social networking.

Samsung 3D TV Models

The number of 3D TVs from Samsung is set to be expanded so more people can enjoy 3D viewing at whatever price they pay for their TV.

Other new additions on the Samsung TV line is a new innovative, ultra thin TV bezel feature which gives the TV a larger viewing screen without increasing the size of the TV.