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New Halo 4 weapons revealed in multiplayer trailer

A new multiplay trailer for Halo 4 has been released showcasing both new and old weapons users can expect from the UNSC arsenal.

There’s 2 versions of the trailer, the first comes with a mental dubstep backing soundtrack, the second ditches the music and just focuses on the sound of gunfire. So if you’re not a fan of listening to someone molesting a synthesizer, trailer number 2 is the one for you!

The weapons

The trailer displays some as yet unseen Halo 4 weaponry including the SAW, Railgun and Sticky Detonator.

  • The SAW – A seriously cool light-weight high-velocity machine gun that’s capable of holding 72 rounds at a time.
  • The Rail Gun – This weapon will need time to charge-up before firing a high powered explosive round.
  • The Sticky Detonator -  This looks like the weapon you’ll have the most fun with. The gun allows you to fire a sticky grenade onto your enemies which you can detonate at any time. Brilliant!

As well as new weapons, the trailer also reveals an old fan-favorite in the form of the Magnum handgun.

What 343 Industries are saying

Although the UNSC arsenal may not include the most amazing weapons ever seen, 343 Industries state that the idea is to make the user feel like the underdog against the more fully loaded Covenant and Forerunner. Or as they say it: “function superseding aesthetics”.

Jessica Shea, community manager for 343 Industries said:

“Despite the majority of them (UNSC weapons) being similar to modern day military weapons, they do have several specialized power weapons that help convey mankind’s progress when it comes to future tech,”

Halo 4 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 for November 6th 2012.

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