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New GTA 5 screen shots – what do they tell us?

There may a string of highly anticipated games set to hit our consoles in the coming weeks and months, but for most gamers there is one notable absence.

Black Ops 2 is on the horizon, Assassin’s Creed III looks like being the best of the series so far, and then of course there’s the start of a new Halo trilogy.

These three titles along will make it an autumn to remember, but there is still a GTA-shaped hole that doesn’t look like being filled anytime soon.

We’ve known for some time that we wouldn’t see GTA 5 this year, but if you’d told us a year ago that there wouldn’t be a GTA title in 2012 we probably would have laughed – or cried.

After a GTA 5 no-show at Gamescom earlier this month, we started to despair. But Rockstar has been merciful and thrown us a couple of morsels of info in the form of some screen shots. So what do they tell us?

GTA 5 transportation

We’ve been lucky enough to get not one but two batches of screen shots from Rockstar this week, as it continues to toy with our emotions.

The first came at the start of the week, as five screen shots showing different modes of transportation were released by the developer.

Giving us a sneak peak at the stunning visual detail that is sure to be a key selling point of the game, the screen shots showed a mountain bike, the iconic Cheetah sports car and, most excitingly of all, a jet plane.

GTA 5 leisure activities

Yet transportation details weren’t the only thing we got a look at this week, as Rockstar has just released yet more screen shots – they’re really spoiling us at the moment.

It seems that GTA 5 isn’t going be all robberies, car thefts and killing – there’ll be a chance to kick back with some outdoor pursuits as well.

Again showing some amazing graphic detail, the activities shown in the shots include paragliding through a rocky gorge and dirtbiking up a dusty track.

There’s even a shot of a couple of people playing tennis. There’s no word on whether gamers will be able to actually play tennis, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

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