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New Fashionable 3D Glasses

No longer does 3D viewing have to look square, as Marchon Eyewear introduces a new collection of EX3D eyewear that could make anyone look cool.

The company specialises in designing and manufacturing sports technology eyewear, and they have used their patented M3D™ 3D curved lens technology in the new 3D viewing specs.

EX3D, while enhancing your viewing experience, also provides the option to personalise your look with a variety of frames and colour choices to choose from.  The launch includes a selection of 25 styles.

“As consumers invest in 3D electronics, they’re looking to personalise their 3D eyewear to fit both their aesthetic and technological needs,” said Hannah Sarbin, Marchon Eyewear new business vice president.

“Theatre frames simply don’t make the cut when viewing 3D content at home in the daylight.”

As 3D viewing has moved from the cinema to the home, designers have had to re-evaluate some environmental factors which can affect viewing in the lounge that would not occur in a cinema.

Ghosting and light reflections are more likely to reduce the effect of 3D when at home, and EX3D has addressed this with different functions to suit all light conditions.

The viewer can wear the same pair of glasses and swap from theatre mode, to passive technology video game console mode, to passive 3D television functions and even laptops.

The glasses are able to prevent exterior lighting problems get in the way of viewing due to their curvature of M3D lenses, which immerse a large amount of visual space.

They are scratch-resistant and provide 100 percent UV protection, while also featuring high-definition 3D optics, increased picture clarity while minimising distortion and haze.

3D Glasses

Other types of 3D glasses on the market include the SAMSUNG SSG-2100AB/XC 3D GLASSESSAMSUNG 3D GLASSES, which are battery operated and only compatible with Samsung 3D TVs.

Or the SONY TDGBR50LTDGBR50L GLASSES BLUE which are for use with full HD 3D Bravia TVs.