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New Digital Guitar Kitara Launched

Misa Digital Instruments has just unveiled their latest instrument, the Kitara, a first of its kind digital guitar. Check out this must-have gadget all guitarists and digital enthusiasts will want.

Whether you are a wannabe musician, air guitar enthusiast or simply a technophile, it will be hard not to be impressed by one of the coolest new digital devices to come on the market in 2010: the Kitara.

The Kitara Digital Guitar

The Kitara includes an innovative multifunction touchscreen, MIDI controls and an on-board polyphonic synthesizer with effects, which means that guitarists can create electronic music that is only limited by the imagination and talent of the player.

Instead of using strings, you can control the sound the Kitara makes through your fingertips, using the touchscreen and fret board to play, enhance and alter sounds in real-time.

Misa Digital claim that the Kitara is capable of producing more sounds than any guitar that’s come before, though guitar heroes like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones may have disagree. But why play a real guitar when this new digital, stringless guitar can give you that ultra-cool edge all guitarists want?

The Kitara is available for pre order now from the Misa Digital Instruments US website, with prices from $849. Pre-orders will be delivered in April.

Digital Music Making Options

Looking to start an electro band or make music at home? Then you may also want to look at buying a powerful laptop to help you process and format the music that you make.

Many musicians and video editors laud the performance and style of Apple MacBook Pros because of their fast processor power, hard drive storage capabilities and memory (RAM).

The Apple MacBook Pro MC372B/A15 is available from Comet from £1,599 with next day delivery.