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New Dancing Game Coming on Wii

We Dance, a new dancing game exclusive for Wii is coming in May, promising lots of fun for all the family.

We Dance promises to offer Wii fans three different styles of play – using the Wii Remote, using Nordic Games’ dance mat (the ‘Star Mat’), or distinctively a combination of both – each offering varying levels of difficulty. In addition to the main game there are three Party Game modes – ‘Jump’, ‘Step’ and ‘Pose’ – featuring a variety of four player mini games to challenge friends and family alike.

For authenticity, all dance steps have been fully choreographed by professional dancers helping make We Dance a more rewarding and energetic experience.

The company behind the new game, Nordic Games, also made the popular We Sing game, as well as We Sing Robbie Williams.

“We Dance is a great party and family gaming experience, accessible to people of all ages and abilities,” said Nik Blower, sales and marketing director, Nordic Games.

We Dance will launch in May with 40 licensed tracks ranging from rock to pop, rap to disco and hip hop to even drum ‘n’ bass!

What’s more, the majority of tracks include the original videos for you to bop along to, too.


(We Dance courtsey of EntertainmentFocus via Youtube)

We Dance can support up to four players dancing simultaneously. And if you haven’t quit got your dancing feet ready before competing, to prepare for the main game, there are warm-up sessions!

 An added feature is Dance School, which provides players with tutorials so they can learn the dance steps and hand movements for each song before trying it in the main game.

To guide players who are perhaps not quite as sprightly or as light on their feet as pop stars themselves, each song also has a Star Rating, giving an indication of how difficult each track is.

And if you are keen to perhaps one day take your dance moves out of the living room and in to the public eye, gamers can even receive performance statistics to help learn and develop moves. And if you are thinking of being really competitive, you could even opt for leaderboards which feature top player charts.