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New Apple iPad – Top Complaints So Far

The tech world can be a tough environment for a manufacturer, (even for Apple and it’s new iPad) – we techies are a fickle bunch and like to judge things quickly and in a lot of detail.

Users of the latest tech releases are no different, picking up on the smallest inadequacies. You can hardly blame them; if you shell out £400 for something you expect it to be perfect.

Every manufacturer experiences some degree of backlash over their latest products – even tech king Apple.

In fact, Apple seems to take more of a slogging than a lot of manufacturers. Maybe it’s because we’ve come to expect such a ridiculously high level of quality from its products, or maybe because its prices are so incredibly high.

And it seems that Apple’s latest device, the new iPad, is no different. Users have taken to forums and the Apple website in their drones to highlight the faults of the latest tablet from the US tech giant.

But far from little, pernickety qualms, it seems that many users are experiencing flaws in the device that could be embarrassing for Apple. So what are the top complaints so far?

New Apple iPad overheating

The main complaint for iPad users so far is the temperature of the device. Hundreds of users have bombarded Apple with reports of overheating.

The problem seems to be worst when users play high-quality games, with the heat located around the device’s processor.

Poor Wi-Fi for new Apple iPad

Another complaint that has come to light recently is poor Wi-Fi reception on some devices. Many users have said that the new iPad’s ability to connect to the net is noticeably worse than on the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4.

New Apple iPad’s screen

The display is one of the most stunning aspects of the new iPad, and probably the reason why many people ditched their iPad 2 in favour of the device.

But some reviewers have pointed out that Apple has failed to sort out the fact that it still struggles in direct sunlight.