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New Apple iPad – The Complaints Continue

It may have been one of the most hotly-anticipated devices since the last Apple product, but the new Apple iPad seems to be more trouble than it’s worth.

There was endless speculation and constant debate ahead of the press conference in California a couple of weeks ago.

Then there was another week to wait before we could finally get our hands on the exiting, uber-resolution device.

But it seems that when push came to shove, a lot of people couldn’t face shelling out. Of course, the new iPad has sold very well, but tech website BGR reported that many stores still had devices in stock 24 hours after going on sale – unheard of for previous Apple releases.

A small hiccup, but it seems more and more people are not pleased with their expensive new device. Last week, we told you how many users have experienced overheating problems, while others have had trouble connecting to Wi-Fi.

A week on, and the complaints show no sign of letting up. So what are the latest issues that iPad users have been experiencing?

Lying Battery on the new Apple iPad

The iPad may be a lot of things, but we never thought it was a liar. Until now. According to reports, the device claims it is fully charged when in actual fact it is only about 90% full.

The issue comes down to the fact that Apple employs the technique in all its devices to prevent overcharging. It is not as noticeable in iPhones and iPods, but with the bumper battery life on the new iPad the difference adds up to more than an hour.

Misleading Customers

We can’t really blame the poor iPad itself for this one, in this case it is all Apple’s fault. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has accused Apple of misleading Aussies over the iPad’s capabilities.

The iPad can use 4G networks, but only in North America at the moment. But Apple is still advertising it as a 4G device in other countries – something that could land the company in hot water down the line.