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New Apple iPad – Best Apps For Using On the Retina Display

After months of waiting, speculating, debating, and generally counting the minutes, the new iPad is finally available to buy.

After waiting so long to get a first glimpse of the new device last week, the last seven days or so have really been dragging by.

But it is finally here, and can actually be bought in shops. Well, if they haven’t sold out that is – delivery times for the new device still stand at a couple of weeks.

But thousands of people up and down the country will be switching their brand new iPad on for the very first time today. So with that in mind, what are the best apps that have been updated to utilise the iPad’s best feature – the retina display?

Barefoot World Atlas

This fun and educational app is designed to tell children all about the world, but it could certainly teach grown-ups a thing or two.

The graphics on this app are amazing, letting you explore all corners of the globe. And it looks even better with the retina display.

SketchBook Pro

There are plenty of arty apps available on the iPad, but SketchBook Pro has got to be one of the best. A professional-quality app, this will let you create beautiful pictures that will look amazing.

Infinity Blade II

This excellent title was already one of the most visually stunning games on the iPad, and with the new retina display it’s sure to be even better.

So take another trip into Infinity Blade’s world, and marvel at the improved visuals and excellent graphics – even if you’ve played it before.

Star Walk

This hugely popular app uses augmented reality to tell you everything you need to know about stars, constellations, and satellites.

This is a must for any star gazer out there, and the updated quality to match the new iPad’s capabilities makes it a must-have.