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New Additions to Samsung’s Ecobubble Washing Machine Range

Technology and electronics giant Samsung have announced new additions to their ecobubble range of washing machines. The environmentally friendly washing machines, which came out last year, were so popular that Samsung are now extending the range.

The new energy saving washing machines in the ecobubble range will now include super capacity 10 kg and 12kg models. The 12 kg model is the largest wash capacity in Europe for an under the counter size washing machine.

The current ecobubble washing machines are 8 and 7 kg capacity. The ecobubble range is the first in the world to generate special bubbles producing the same powerful wash with water at just 15C.  These washing machines wash clothes using 70 per cent less energy than standard machines.

“Energy efficient products are becoming more important to people who want to save energy without compromising on wash performance,” said Andrew Jones, Marketing Manager for Samsung Home Appliances, Samsung UK.

“Equally, we recognise that capacity is also a factor, particularly for families, when choosing a new washer as they want to spend less time doing chores and more time together.”

The ecobubble has a feature called the ‘Bubble Generator’ which creates a concentrated detergent mix and injects air to produce a soapy foam. These special bubbles soak into fabrics quicker than using a detergent.

The additional models to the range will have 3.5 inch LCD controllers making it easier and simpler to use.

Ecobubble Washing Machine Technology

Another feature on the new and improved washing machines is the added Vibration Reduction Technology (VTR). The VRT promises to reduce the noise level and minimise vibrations so the washing machine can be put on at night without disturbing your sleep.

Indeed, with this new range of washing machines not only are you doing your bit to be environmentally friendly but your also saving time. It’s the perfect solution to any eco- conscious washing machine user.

Samsung’s new ecobubble range will be available in the UK from May 2011 and comes with a 10 year warranty.