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New 1 Gig Residential Broadband Service Launched

Bigger is better when it comes to broadband, everyone knows that. And it doesn’t get much bigger than the launch today of a new broadband service that promises UK customers 1 Gigabit download and upload speeds.

The new broadband service from Hyperoptic brings fibre optic broadband directly into premises, resulting in a lightning fast connection that is 140 times the speed of the UK average.

UK Broadband Speeds

75% of UK residential broadband connections are currently delivered by copper ADSL telephone lines. Unlike many copper based broadband services, which are affected by the distance you live from the exchange, as well as the number of other customers using the service, fibre optic is specially designed to deliver super-fast broadband speeds.

The Hyperoptic service will initially roll out its Gig services to large residential and commercial properties in London, moving to other UK cities in 2012.

Research from Ofcom over the summer found that the average speed on Virgin Media’s 50Mbit/s is closer to 48Mbit/s. BT’s Infinity service, which has a headline speed of 40Mbit/s, offered average speeds of 34Mbit/s.Read our report on how to test your internet speed.

“There is a preconception that fibre optic is expensive and therefore, cannot be made available to consumers,” said Dana Tobak, Managing Director of Hyperoptic.

“At the same time, the UK is effectively lagging in our rate of fibre broadband adoption. Going live today, we really feel we are at the start of an exciting journey in terms of taking broadband to the next level in the UK.” Read our report on UK broadband speeds.

Hyperoptic’s residential pricing will start at a comparatively low GBP12.50 per month for broadband (based on taking phone service with a GBP12.50 line rental, including free UK evening and weekend calls). Their packages will include: 20Mb/s for £12.50 per month; 100 for £25 a month and 1Gig for £50.00 per month.