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Never find yourself lost again! Great price, great product!

TomTom One IQ Routes Edition Europe 42

Rating: ★★★★★

As with most people I find it very difficult to navigate through a foreign town/city and concentrate on driving at the same time. For this reason I purchased the TomTom One IQ Routes Edition Europe from Halfords.

I bought this product whilst it was on offer but even when it’s not on offer I would still recommend considering the TomTom over other Sat Nav brands.

There is also another version available if you only travel within the UK and Ireland – This version is also slightly cheaper but has less memory.

- Appearance -

When viewing the product in store for the first time I was amazed at how compact the device is – So compact that in the past I have even found myself putting it in my pocket! The other great thing about the size is that it doesn’t obstruct your field of vision like some other similar products do.

The product is supplied with a mount which locks on to your windscreen with ease, a USB cable and a car charger.

- Usage -

What I like about this device the most is how easy it can be personalised. The voice can be changed as well as the car and various other settings such as speed camera alert sounds, day and night display mode, which is a great feature when you are driving and night and don’t want to be dazzled by a bright display.

Having had an older Sat Nav before this one I was amazed at how easy it is to enter an address. Simply begin typing the postcode and it will automatically give you destination suggestions. Users also have various options such as ‘Fast Route’ and ‘Avoid Motorways’ which means that this product really does suit every user.

The device also warns if you go over a speed limit and also if you are approaching speed cameras which can be easily updated by plugging the device into your computer and using the supplied TomTom software.

The main features which help this device stand out on the market are:

IQ Routes – This is great when you are travelling from A to B but it is rush hour. The device takes the time of day into account and if it is rush hour for example, the device will take you an alternative route which will hopefully miss the traffic.

Lane Guidance – I regularly travel on the M25 and this feature is brilliant for making sure that I stay in the correct lane. An image clearly shows you which lane you need to be in.

- Disadvantages -

This device once led me to the incorrect destination around the corner from where I should be – After speaking to someone at the destination they asked if I had used a TomTom to get there after I had said my Sat Nav took me to the incorrect destination!

- I am pretty sure that users can update this using the software by submitting the error to TomTom Mapshare.

There is no mains charger supplied in the box which means the device can only be charged via USB or 12v Car charger. The mains charger can be purchased in an extra kit but I feel that it should have really been included.

Overall I have had no real problems with this product and it has been a life saver on many an occasion! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a neat, easy to use GPS. There are so many features on this device so it is guaranteed to suit everyone!


  • Very compact


  • No mains charger included in the box


Great Sat Nav from a trusted brand. You can’t go wrong with this product!

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