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Network provider Three launches £5 per day Euro Internet Pass

Smartphone retailer turn network provider Three has launched a new Euro Internet Pass, allowing pay-monthly customers to browse the web at will for just £5 per day whilst on their travels.

Scrapping the shockingly high and unwanted roaming bills that currently follow any trip abroad, Three’s new Euro Internet Pass will see users able to trawl the web, check emails and post all their holiday snaps to Facebook whilst on the move, all for a fixed daily price.

No contract, no free pass

Whilst the offer is not being extended to PAYG customers, the £5 per day opt-in internet usage option, which is available now ahead of the summer holiday period, could potentially save contracted monthly users a considerable sum when on their hols.

A spokesperson for Three said:

“No more hunting for internet cafés, no more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots. The Euro Internet Pass gives you the benefits of the internet, without any of the hassle. Our brand new Euro Internet Pass is designed to let you browse, tweet, update and upload for just a fiver a day”

Three marketing director Thomas Malleschitz said:

“The Euro Internet Pass gives our customers the freedom to use the internet in the EU without having to think about how many megabytes or gigabytes they are using or where the nearest Wifi hotspot is.”

» Find out just how much you could be spending here

Are you impressed by Three’s Euro Internet Pass? Will you be putting it to good use this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

Network provider Three launches £5 per day Euro Internet Pass