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Netflix App vs Lovefilm: The Battle of On-Demand TV

If you haven’t heard of Netflix yet, you soon will. But as the On-Demand TV platform begins to make its UK and Ireland launch we take a look at what its nearest rival, Lovefilm has to offer to decide, which is best.

While there are several On-Demand services available, including Google TV, HMV On-Demand and others, when Netflix launches soon its nearest competition will come from Amazon owned Lovefilm. So, which one should consumers sign up for?

Netflix or Lovefilm – which one is best?

Netflix App Platforms

The Netflix app has just started appearing on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 devices and is available to download in the UK and Ireland now.

In total, more than 700 devices are available that stream from Netflix, which includes Blu-ray disc players, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Apple TV and Google TV.

The launch of the new service in the UK will give British and Irish consumers the opportunity to watch unlimited TV shows and movies streaming instantly over the Internet to TVs and computers for one low monthly subscription price.

In the US, consumers pay just $7.99 a month to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV shows. In the UK Netflix is launching with the opportunity to watch unlimited films & TV episodes online for £5.99 per month. They are also offering a free one month trial.

Netflix and BBC

To help establish itself Netflix announced in late December 2011 a partnership with BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, that would bring BBC series like Torchwood and Spooks to Netflix for its members. Back catalogues of shows so users can watch an entire series will do much to boost the appeal of Netflix as it looks to dominate the market.


Amazon owned Lovefilm started life as a mail order and return DVD service. The service is still in operation, but increasingly the company are pursuing the On-Demand business model. Lovefilm has a number of different packages. The unlimited streaming model starts at £9.99 for film and TV, which includes the option of having 2 DVDs sent out at a time. Other packages include Unlimited film and games, plus 2 dvds out at a time for £11.22. You can stream Thousands of films to stream instantly to your PC, TV, games consoles and iPad at no extra cost

In a bid to try and gain some additional publicity in the light of the imminent Netflix launch, Lovefilm announced recently a deal with ITV to bring more shows online. The new agreement brings more programmes and instant streaming to the televisual content table. Lovefilm also has a deal in place with the BBC for online content, which will be available ‘imminently.’

Which one to go for?

If both the BBC and ITV don’t have deals in place with both Netflix and Lovefilm yet, they soon will. There has been no talk of exclusives between ITV and Lovefilm, so expect a Netflix announcement shortly. With an array of content to watch on both platforms then, users will be swayed by price and viewing platforms. In conclusion, there really isn’t much between the two; both allow for streaming on the major platforms and are priced competively. As you would expect Netflix are launching cheaper than Lovefilm at the moment, but expect plenty of price ‘wars’ in 2012. Our tip: shop around and see if you can bag yourself a bargain.

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