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My Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2010

Ive had an iPhone for almost a year now and i like to think of myself as a bit of an expert/addict of my glorious little gadget.

I often use to keep in contact with friends, find new music, read my feeds, look at pictures of cats and on occasion even make the odd phone call. So as a gift from myself to you i give you my top ten list of most useful iPhone apps!

10 . Flickr – FREE

As a budding photographer (i have a phone with a camera on it) I like to share and showoff my latest snaps. With the flickr app i can upload to my flickr feed straight from my phone allowing other photography peeps and friends to witness my antics.

9. Camera + – 99p

Another photography app but with this little beauty i can add all kinds of filters to make my (below) average photos look like a professional photography did done them … well maybe a drunk one with one eye, whose down on his luck.

8. FTP on the go – £3.99

This one is a bit specialised towards web developers but its my list so shut up. A very handy app for connecting to a website and editing code all from the comfort of your iPhone, particularly useful if some smart arse points out a spelling mistake on your site.

7. Stumbleupon – FREE

An app of the toolbar of the site. Time to kill on your hands? Bored of the same old sites? Then you need stumbleupon! The app version of world of warcraft. This little guy finds sites that are personally catered towards your tastes and continues to learn what you like, be prepared to loose hours at the hands of this app.

6. London Journey Planner – 59p

As a new Londoner and idiot i often get lost in this fair city of ours, so to make things a lot easier and safer for visitors to this place i would highly recommend this app, as well as tube times it also gives bus time based on stations or where or standing at the time, also handy for drunks stranded in Camden.

5. – FREE

I bleeding love finding new music, i also enjoying listening to music for free, this app combines my love of the two. Like stumbleupon it learns what you like and suggests more, after a while you end up liking everything it suggests and you start considering it your friend and probably end up spending to much time with it.

4. Skype – FREE

I’ve noticed a few chat type apps which use wifi or 3g to do their business but this one has the added advantage of also being on PC and macs, giving it an extra dimension of usefulness. No need to login multiple applications.

3. Runkeeper Free – FREE

Useful for keen runners and athletes like myself (check out the guns). This app uses the iphones GPS to track your run, giving you live information on speed, distance, elevation. Also saves your runs for comparison and connects to facebook and twitter for showing off-ness.

2. World Lens – FREE but have to pay separately for languages

A very new translation app that makes use of augmented reality. This app basically can translate live any bit of text that you point the iPhone too! At the moment the only language available is Spanish and backwards (included with the app) with hopefully more on the way.

1. Twitter/Facebook – FREE

Im not ashamed to admit this but i am a social networking addict, these apps are probably the most accessed on my phone, they allow me to keep in contact and up to date with my millions and millions of friends, view their status updates, photos, links and all that shiz.