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My New Sony Docking Station

Sony SRSGU10IP.CEK GU10N iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Rating: ★★★★★

I have owned the same audio setup for several years now and always stuck to the same format of Hi-Fi Seperates. Over the years I seem to have formed a bond with my Phillips surround sound amp and wharfedale Delta speakers never finding any good reason to swap them out believing I had found a sound I was happy with at a cost I was comfortable with. This was all about to change…

For Christmas this year my mother in law bought me on the advice of my wife the docking station that I am sat writing this review for.

I think the fact that I had mentioned a docking station once upon a time ago led my wife to believe that I would be prepared to throw away my stacked hi-fi seperates, that I love and treasure for something more neat and tidy.

When I unwrapped it Christmas morning I was impressed to see it sat in my lap but on later reflection wondered just where we would put it in the house as every room apart from the bathroom has some form of audio device in it. The docking station actually sat in its box unopened until the 7th February. Whilst having nothing to do on a lonely Monday night I pulled the box out from under my desk and decided to set this up. What greeted me was literally music to my ears!

The GU10 has for its price tag an amazingly crisp sound and a bass response to a lot of higher level audio devices. Dealing with Bose equipment day to day on installs at work I still found myself amazingly impressed with the range and depth this little unit produces.

Other bonuses include the aux input on the back which allowed me to plug my PC directly into it. As an avid player of online games I found the experience this sony dock gave me completely mind blowing almost to the point where I felt I had to duck the bullets that were firing out of the speakers.

Other bonuses include a tidy little remote control which allow me to carry out basic functions in selecing the songs on my iphone as well as the bass boost and input selections on the main unit.

There is nothing that you cant do with the remote that can be achieved by actually standing next to the unit and making selctions by hand.

I have to admit after an hour of playing around with the GU10 and listening to a variety of styles of music the realisation crept in that it was time to put the old boy to bed. My Hi-fi seperates have been put to rest under my desk after many years of hard work, replaced by this fantastic little unit.

My wife is happy that the mess has gone, I am happy with my new music gadget and my mother in law is even happier as I even called her that night to say thanks and how much I love my christmas present……yes it really is that good!


  • Sound
  • Value for Money
  • Simple to use
  • Charges Iphone whilst docked


  • Nothing that leaps to mind!


5 stars Sony! Why did no one tell me to set this up Christmas day!

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