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Must Have iPad Accessories: Get the FridgePad!

If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on an iPad 2 over the weekend, then you may want to get the new FridgePad!

The folks at Woodford Designs have discovered what has been missing in all of our lives and set about creating the ultimate fridge accessory! Last year they released the original FridgePad to accompany the iPad and now they have released the FridgePad Colour.

The kitchen is a room of the house which people tend to spend a lot of time in, whether it’s cooking, socialising or cleaning. So why not ensure that you can be entertained during all of these activities by allowing you to attach your beloved iPad or iPad 2 to the fridge? Who needs a radio or TV in the kitchen when you can have a FridgePad!

For all your stylish tech kitchen needs, the FridgePad allows you to watch and cook at the same time.

The funky fridge accessory has a super powerful built in custom MegaMagnet. It locks the FridgePad securely onto the fridge door. To prove this to the world, Woodford designs even have a door slam test video.

“We had such a great response from the original FridgePad we thought we would take the concept further and make a more affordable product so everyone can experience just how easy it is to use and how it transforms the iPad into such an amazing kitchen device,” says head of Woodford Designs Jon Woodford.

“I know that sounds a bold statement but once people use the FridgePad they just love it. No more arguments over who is going to make dinner and miss your favourite TV programme, as now with the FridgePad you can cook and watch.”

The magnet does not damage the battery or iPad electronics and has a pulling force of 37 kg.

Available in Silver, Cream, Red, Black and White, the FridgePad Colour is fully upgradeable for the iPad 2. New attachment clips are currently being developed and will be available free from their website in the next few weeks.