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Motorola Xoom 3G+Wifi – About time too


Rating: ★★★★★

I have always stayed away from Apple products on principle and common sense, just waiting for other companies to come up with something better and I’m glad to say “it has finally happened” … The Motorola Xoom is here.

I have had the Xoom for about three weeks and WOW what a lovely piece of tech, from the 10.1 inch HD screen to the look and feel of the Xoom.

Motorola have come up with the perfect rival for the now outdated iPad, unfortunately there are not enough people out there with the common sense to reboot their brains and see past the Apple logo.

The Xoom runs on Google’s android 3 (Honeycomb) OS and has a dual core Tegra chip. Unfortunately there aren’t enough games or apps out there to show it off, but developers are trying to make them as quickly as possible because they know that a lot of android tablets are coming out quickly.

The Motorola Xoom has no buttons on the front and only two on the side, it has two great cameras so you can take five mega pixel pics or HD video, plus it comes with all the extra bits inside like gyroscopic sensor, accelerometers and more.

Google’s Honeycomb is quick and easy to learn but the first update to 3.1 has caused some problems with games but this will be fixed soon.

The best thing about android is unlike the iPad your not stuck with itunes so you can go to so many different places to get apps from plus most are Free “yes i said Free” and even the ones you pay for are cheap


  • Looks
  • Takes a 32gb micro sd card
  • Lots of free apps
  • Free to upgraid


  • Common sense


Well to put it like this, I love this so much my two lads have the Xoom too…..

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