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Motorola Video Monitor That Let’s You Watch Your Baby With Absolute Reassurance

Motorola Video Monitor MBP33

Rating: ★★★★☆

Setting Up

I tested out the digital wireless video baby monitor by Motorola, model MBP33.

Once skimming over the manual on how to set the unit up and having charged the device for the recommended 16 hours, I was ready to go.

Design & Build

On first impressions, the styling of the monitor looks great and is well laid out. The parent unit has a lovely 2.8 inch colour screen which provides a really crystal clear image of your baby.

The Parent unit has a built-in stand as well as two “grippy” tabs at the base so you can prop it up easily and safely on most surfaces without the worry of it falling over.


On the parent unit, you’ll find the volume and brightness controls (which double up as arrow buttons for the menu), a menu button, video display on/off key, talk option, power button, and a talk back button.

A fab feature is the screen on/off mode which means you can turn the screen off but still have the volume on. This is great if you don’t want to become over obsessed with constantly watching your baby but want to be able to hear if they need you.

It also comes complete with a remote zoom feature so you can zoom-in and out on your baby, as well as infrared night vision so you can see really clearly even without any lighting in the room.

The parent unit’s video display starts up almost instantaenously when switched on.  I was actually really surprised at how quickly the screen came on, as I was expecting it to take a few seconds to warm up!


The sound is unbelievable, even to the point I could hear my baby breathing whilst she slept…quite therapeutic!

The music is quite minimal though, with five preset polyphonic lullabies. However, you can communicate remotely with the two-way option – a great feature if you want to reassure your sleepy baby without having to re-enter their room.


The range is impressive at 300m too so you don’t have to worry about losing signal whilst you’re moving around the house.

A couple of minor niggles I have are:

If you want the picture to be constantly shown you need to have the monitor plugged in to the mains, as it times out when you use it in battery mode.

Also, there is no adaptor on the camera unit to clip on the end of the cot, so you have to put it on something high enough to see into the cot.  I found this a bit awkward as I didn’t have anything really near the cot to sit it on and had to balance it on an object nearby instead.


  • starts up very quickly
  • crisp sound
  • clear image
  • impressive range of 300m
  • video starts up very quickly


  • doesnt have a clip for the camera
  • screen shuts off after a while on battery mode
  • doesnt have a clip to mount the camera


Apart from a couple of minor niggles, this is a really impressive reassuring video monitor that allows you to watch over your babies with real peace of mind.  I even found it quite cute watching my little girl cuddling up to her teddy whilst she slept!

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