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Motorola Motosmart – What you need to know

It’s fair to say that, here in Britain, we love a bargain or two. Whether it’s shopping for clothes, doing the weekly food shop, or even going to the cinema, we can’t get enough of a good deal.

This is also true in the world of technology, as we look for decent devices with high specs for as low a price as possible. This could explain why the low-end smartphone market does so well over here.

There are still the usual flagship device releases every year, which of course do very well. But for every Samsung Galaxy S3 released, there seems to be ten Galaxy Aces that follow.

One of the next low-end devices to hit our shores will be the Motosmart from Motorola, which will really be giving rival devices a run for their money in the pricing stakes. So what do you need to know about this low-end smartphone?

Motorola Motosmart specs

The Motosmart is very much Motorola’s entry level handset, so the specs are nothing to write home about.

Under the bonnet we have a 800MHz single-core processor, powering the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. While many pricier devices are still stuck on Gingerbread, this OS is looking increasingly outdated, and don’t expect any updates here!

On the outside we have a 3.5-inch screen, with a 320 x 480p display, and a 3MP camera. There’s also room for a microSD card, and with the measly 165MB internal storage you’re going to need it.

Motorola Motosmart price and release date

The specs are low, but with a SIM-free price of just under £80 you can’t really complain. If you can’t quite stretch to a one-off payment, the device will be available on contract for a ridiculously low £7 a month.

The handset is set to hit our store later this month, so if you fancy a phone that really skimps on the specs but impresses with the price, the Motosmart could be for you.

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