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Most Economical Washing Machines

Whether you are doing it for the environment, to cut down energy bills, or a mixture of both, finding a good economical washing machine is worth the search.

Detergent manufactures such Ariel have started providing detergent specially created for home owners to wash their clothes at low temperatures, and washing machines have started to be graded depending on how economical they are.

Understanding the different grades and settings on modern washing machines can be daunting when faced with a line of very similar looking machines for washing your clothes, so take a look at this guide on the most economical washing machines.

Economical Grades

All washing machines are graded from A+++ to D, with A being the most economical, and G the least.  Trading Standards perform tests on all the washing machines to place them in a particular category depending on the outcome of their performance.

This performance is judged on spin efficiency and washing outcome.  The more efficient machines tend to come with features which mean the user can adjust the settings depending on the specific load.

These features may include a temperature, so the user can choose a lower or higher setting depending on the types of clothes they need to wash, as opposed to them being restricted to only specific temperature options.

Timers are also a good added extra for those with busy schedules, as users can load the machine with their dirty laundry and set it to start at certain time, perhaps at a time when they get cheaper electricity.

A pressure switch could help a user adjust the amount of water required for their load depending on how full it is. This option means users are not limited to the half load or full load buttons, but can adjust the pressure to the specific load.

How much are economical washing machines?

The more efficient washing machines tend to come with these extra settings, which make it easier for the user to adjust the washing machine’s performance to each specific load so it does not over-perform for a smaller wash, and is not put under strain for a larger one.

The Bosch WAE24469GB EXXCEL for example has a wash grade of A+++ and comes with EcoPerfect option which saves up to 30% more energy.

This model is still quite economical with a B rating, and has a spin speed of 1000 rpm and 5 kg load capacity, featuring a 34 minute quick wash, and a timer which enables users to delay the start of the load by up to 24 hours, and to choose between 11 programs.

Spin Speeds

When your washing machine spins the laundry at the end of the cycle, this uses a lot of energy to do so, and as such, machines tend to have at least two spin speeds.

These are 1000 – 1800 rpm for cottons, and 400 – 800 rpm usually used for delicates as it is a slower spin, and is less likely to stretch material in the process.

If you tend to tumble dry your clothes it is recommended that you use the faster speed to make the clothes as dry as possible so they need less time in the dryer which uses even more energy.

The better washing machines will try to achieve an even distribution of the laundry prior to spinning to it can then measure how fast it thinks it should spin the load.

Most washing machines have a separate grade for the efficiency of the spin cycle, the same way the whole of the machine in measured with the A-G tags.

It is important you check this grade in addition to the general grade, as the spin can take up a substantial amount of energy.

Most new washing machines are cold fill, which means the machine fills up with cold water and then heats the required amount inside the machine.

This means the water is gentler on fabrics as it does not come in scorching hot, and is also more energy efficient with this mechanism playing a big role in determining the washing machine’s energy efficiency rating.

About 90 percent of the energy used in a washing machine comes from heating the water, so if you are buying a new washing machine, check that it is cold fill only.

Washing with cold water is the way to go, it saves money and most importantly folks, it saves the planet, so it worth checking those energy efficient ratings the next time you are on the lookout for a new washing machine.

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