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Morning Music with the Breville Radio Toaster

If you are looking for a toaster that stands out from the crowd, then the Breville VTT296 Radio Toaster may be just up your street!  This smart little appliance cleverly combines two kitchen essentials by providing some muiscal entertainment whilst delivering perfectly cooked toast. You can listen to all your favourite radio stations with the fully integrated, high-quality radio. Broadcasting on both FM and AM frequencies, the radio includes an antenna to help improve your reception and a volume control for you to choose your desired sound levels.

It can also store up to 10 pre-set stations, so you can listen to a variety of channels with ease and features an auxiliary input, so you can link it to your MP3 Player to access your personal music collection.  Fabulous!

When you have limited space in the kitchen for all your appliances, this Breville Radio Toaster is a real space saver. Rather than wasting valuable room on your worktop with two appliances, this all-in-one kitchen appliance takes up minimal space thanks to it’s compact design. Whatsmore, the Radio Toaster is easily portable so you can take it with you on your road trips as it’s sturdy, solidly built and comparatively lightweight.

The Breville Radio Toaster has a stylish black finish, curved top and silver circular speaker which presents a retro, 1950s feel, whilst delivering modern appliance functionality.

But it’s looks and versatilty aren’t all this toaster has to offer.  It comes with a host of additional features such as a variable browning control that allows you to choose how dark or light you like your toast and variable width slots allowing breads of various thicknesses to be toasted properly. This particular model also comes with a clear illuminated digital display, illuminated blue bottoms, cord storage and non-slip base, making it really easy to use.  But if you still need some convincing, which I’m sure you don’t, the Breville VTT296 also features a reheat button which brings cooled toast back up to temperature without burning it; a defrost button which automatically lengthens the toasting time to allow for the defrosting of frozen bread and a mid-cycle cancel button allowing you to stop the toasting process as and when you want to.

So not only is this little gem of a toaster a cool looking appliance that delivers musical enteratinment during your breaksfast time; it’s really simple to use, easy to clean and tidy too!  You can remove smaller items without burning your fingers with the extra-high lift which raises the bread carriage for easier access. The removable crumb tray collects any crumbs that may fall from the bread as you toast it, so it’s really easy to keep clean and tidy.

So an aboslute buy for all you gadget lovers out there!