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More Simpsons come to the Apple iPhone TomTom app

Excellent! Evil cartoon billionaire Mr Burns is coming to the TomTom satellite navigation system, and he’s joined by Homer’s faithful wife Marge.

The new voices will be available for download on to the TomTom app for iPhone and iPad, as well as the TomTom personal navigation devices.

Homer Simpson has been a TomTom member of staff for a while now, lending his voice to the satnav systems to great effect.

Homer Simpson on the TomTom

Homer is the most downloaded character voice of all time, so it’s no wonder that TomTom were keen to get some of his contemporaries on board.

“We want to keep the offerings on the TomTom app fresh and exciting by introducing new voices at different times,” said Jeffrey Godsick, President of Fox Consumer Products.

“We know that fans of the show are going to appreciate these new additions as it gives them yet another platform to enjoy one of the greatest shows of all time.”

And who better than the dulcet tones of Nuclear Power Plant owner Mr Burns? He may be something of a meanie, but we can’t get enough of those smooth, hushed tones.

And with some of the gems he comes out with while you’re driving, Mr Burns is well worth the inexpensive price tag.

Some of our favourites include: “Take the third right.  Do it, driving monkey!”, and “Take the exit on the right.  Trust me – I’m an evil billionaire.”

Marge Simpson on the TomTom

Then we have Marge Simpson, Homer’s longsuffering wife. For us, the jury’s still out on this voice. We’re sorry Marge, but you don’t have the most pleasant of voices, and it gets a little whiney at times.

She is still capable of some gems though, such as: “Exit right ahead. Hmm, it smells a little funky in here, was Homer in this car?”

The new voices are available for £3.49 as an in-app purchase on the iPhone or iPad, or for £7.95 as a download from the TomTom website.