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Modern Stir-Frying with Traditional Methods

Stir Fry the modern way

The Breville Hot Wok features a nonstick interior, a unique butterfly-shaped heating element and fifteen heat settings. This countertop wok not only offers precision control, but unlimited possibilities for all sorts of cooking from pasta, soups, curries or even something as simple as scrambled eggs!

Heating up the possibilities

The high walls offer distinct cooking zones that allow cooks to manipulate foods as needed. Mimicking the heat distribution, the electric wok provides a 1500-watt butterfly element which is recessed around the base to create a heat zone over the entire surface which is excellent conditions for quick searing and stir-frying.

Clear View

The Hot Wok also features a tempered glass lid with adjustable steam vent that not only allows for the ideal amount of moisture for any dish, but enables you to keep a close eye on the progress of your dish, without the need to remove the lid and losing heat. The lid is domed shape which is a great for when cooking large meals.

The healthy option

The dishwasher safe, durable Quantanium non-stick finish of the wok bowl needs less oil to cook, which makes your meal all the more healthy and can be wiped down for convenient clean-up. This style of non-stick surface it is the best you can get on the market, because it is highly resistant to scratching, abrasion and wear. Far better than conventional non stick surfaces.
The most striking difference between this and your old electric wok is the quick-release base that lets you put everything but the temperature probe and power cord in the dishwasher.

And there’s more

Breville also includes a temperature indicator light, a booklet of recipes and tips, and a plastic spatula.

This sleek looking wok provides the modern household an updated take on classic cooking, perfect for showing off to all your dinner guests.