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Mobile World Congress – what we won’t see

This year is now fully underway – 2011 is dead and gone. In the tech world, the New Year always gets off to a fantastic start.

Not because we are all still enjoying our Christmas gadgets (although that probably has something to do with it), but because the New Year means CES.

And it was a good one this year, with cool new gadgets and some excellent smartphones and laptops (we think there was a couple of ultrabooks making an appearance too, but we can’t be sure).

But CES is now a distant memory – there are three completely new letters on every techie’s mind now. We’re talking about MWC –Mobile World Congress.

This is the event to see the hottest that the mobile world has to offer, and the perfect time to start getting excited about what 2012 has got to offer.

Last week we brought you some of the most exciting smartphones that are set to make an appearance so far. And as we edge ever-closer to the 27th February, we’re to get all sorts of exciting announcements about what to expect.

So we thought it would be a good idea to clear up, once and for all, the big things that will not be making an appearance in Barcelona this year. So what can we not expect?

Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the most anticipated phones of the year, the rumour surrounding the S3 is something to behold. We hoped for an unveiling at MWC, especially since the S2 was unveiled there last year.

But Samsung have now ruled this out completely, and we’re hearing it might launch the Galaxy S2 Plus – it’ll be like the iPhone 4S all over again.


Apple is far too big and important for little trade shows like MWC anymore, but you can rest assured that we’ll still be talking about it.

Apple’s iPhone 4 managed to win Mobile Device of the Year last year, let’s hope that one of the more deserving and less self-important manufacturers take the top prize this time around.