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Mobile Phone Customers Regret their Phone Choice

New research shows that over half of mobile phone users regret the phone choice that they originally made.

Everyone hates that feeling. You know, the one you get when you think you’ve made the wrong shopping decision and bought something you know you are going to regret. With clothes, DVDs or music CDs it’s not really much of a problem. Yes, you regret the purchase, but you can quickly consign the offending item to the back of a drawer or bottom of the wardrobe and get on with your life.

The same is not true when it comes to something you know you are going to use a lot of – all the time, like a mobile phone. With most people in the UK seemingly unable to operate without a mobile phone on them, it’s little wonder that many people come to quickly regret their mobile phone choices.

A new survey has revealed that the majority of mobile phone owners come to regret the phone choice they made.

The poll of 1,987 people on behalf of website found that 54 per cent of respondents wished they had not got their new phone when they did, preferring to wait for the launch of a newer model.

The poll reflects the fact that competition within the mobile phone market is increasingly fierce, with all the leading manufacturers pushing handsets that would have seemed out-of-this-world just five or six years ago. Enticing contract deals from operators have only added to the choices consumers have to make.

samsung galaxy s

At the beginning of April we revealed that the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD are currently the UK’s best selling smartphones. The Apple iPhone 4 is currently third most popular, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is sixth and the best Nokia could achieve was seventh for the Nokia 1800, which operates on the Symbian system. Interestingly, 50% of all mobile phones in the top 10 now operate on Google Android. Read More: March’s Top Selling Mobile Phones

Have you ever regretted your mobile phone choice? Have you bought what you thought was a great phone only to find it impossible to use and with useless reception? Share your comments with us below.