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Mix it Up with the Powermix Silent Blender from AEG


Rating: ★★★★★


The design and feel of the AEG’s Powermix Silent Blender is really pleasing, especially the dial that illuminates an electric blue light when you switch it on.

The triangular glass jug is very solid and feels really well made. It’s smooth design meant that the food didn’t stick to the surface which made it a breeze to clean when I was finished.

Setting Up

It only took a couple of minutes to put together, so it was extremely easy to set up and get started.

At the bottom of the unit, there are suction pads which ensured the blender sat firmly on my work surface.

Be sure to place the lid on the top firmly before switching on as the powerful motor produces such force on the blades that the food will come flying out of the top if you haven’t done so. Especially when crushing ice, as I discovered!


This blender prides itself on being the quietest on the market, producing a mere 77dB, whereas other’s currently available produce anything between 85-95db. I can certainly agree with this statement, as it was incredibly quiet whilst making my morning smoothie.

This Powermix is available in two models, Deep Aubergine and Antique Steel and comes with some superb features including a Juice Filter which removes pulp from your drinks, a Pulse setting for ice crushing, which doubles the speed of the knives and six speed settings for you to chose from.

It also comes with a handy mini chopper accessory, which is great for preparing small meals, such as for babies for example, and the chopping and grinding tool is perfect for dicing onions and blitzing nuts.

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  • Great Design
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Clean
  • Additional Features including Ice Crushing


  • None


This is a fantastic looking, easy to use blender that looks great in your kitchen and delivers perfect results!