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Microsoft’s answer to the iPod

Microsoft Zune 120GB

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Microsoft Zune is a media player which can store many different types of files including music, video, podcasts, audiobooks, and photos. It is available with different sizes of memory, 30GB, 80GB or 120GB.

The large memory size means that it can be used to store a great deal of different material, organised using the Zune software. This allows default folders to be synched with the Zune so that files which are placed in these folders will be put onto the player on next connection. Podcasts can be subscribed to in the same way so that any new episodes are automatically downloaded.

Music can be sorted into playlists using the Zune software or by setting up a one-use playlist on the player itself.

In the US, there is access to a large marketplace similar to the itunes software. This is not available in the UK. This may be a problem if you would prefer to get content in this way.

The device itself is scratch-proof and hard-wearing with a large screen and sharp picture and sound quality.


  • High sound quality
  • Large number of different filetypes supported


  • Software can occasionally have problems recognising certain files


A good choice of media player for many different uses with the ability to hold a large content library. Can be used as a portable video player or as an MP3 player.