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Despite still being quite a way off, we can’t help but get excited about Windows 8 – the latest OS from Microsoft.

And now Microsoft has launched the Windows Store – the online shop where users will be able to buy apps to run on Windows 8.

Unveiled back in September, the tech world was more than a little excited about Windows 8. From what we can see, it is the future of computers.

Where Windows 7 built on the traditional look of the operating system that we are all familiar with, Windows 8 is a completely new direction.

The cloud computing software and touch screen capabilities displayed on Windows 8 are what will be the norm in the not-too-distant future.

Windows Store

Microsoft has now announced the launch of the Windows Store. Set to go live in February 2012, the Windows Store could sound the death knoll for boxed software.

Microsoft has decided to offer the top developers a large share of sales, more than their rivals are offering.

If a developer’s app earns more than $25,000, Microsoft will give them a market-leading 80% of the revenue. Rivals Google and Apple currently offer developers 70% of app revenue.

And with the Windows Store set to be available in 231 countries in more than 100 languages, developers are unlikely to turn the offer down.

Google and Apple competition

It is a shrewd move, as Microsoft will be arriving very late to the app store party. It will be contending with Google’s Android Market, Blackberry’s App World and of course Apple’s App Store powerhouse.

But timed to perfection to coincide with the beta version on Windows 8, Microsoft is unlikely to have any problems establishing itself.

An online store was the final piece in the puzzle for Windows 8. All we need to do now is sit back and wait for the future of home computing to arrive.