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Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad – Battle of the tablets

With the launch of its Surface tablet, Microsoft has finally made the move into mobile manufacturing and is gearing up to take on the king of this particular market.

When it comes to tablets, Apple has seen off stiff competition from all angles. The Android OS might give the US tech giant a run for its money in the smartphone stakes, but when it comes to tablets there’s almost no contest.

But all that could change with the Microsoft Surface, as the king of the desktop tries to spread its dominance into the tablet market.

Some have already hailed the Surface as the first true rival to the iPad, but can the company whose Zune mp3 player failed so catastrophically against the iPod really beat Apple?

Surface vs iPad – looks

Of course, Apple has long held the title as a sleek and stylish design innovator, with some iconic products over the years.

The iPad is no different. A smooth and beautifully crafted tablet, the third-generation model is one Apple’s best-looking products to date.

Other manufacturers have failed to pin down the right look for their tablets, with some looking bulky and cumbersome. This is not the case with the Surface – Microsoft has managed to create an elegant device that rivals the iPad without being accused copycat tactics.

Surface vs iPad – battery life

The spec details are still fairly vague for the Surface at this point, but some keen-eyed tech experts have done the sums on the tablet’s battery life.

Our friends over at Computerworld have estimated that the Surface will have a battery life of around 7.5 hours – around 2.5 hours less than the advertised battery life of the iPad. Given that tablets are all about mobile use, this could put people off.

Surface vs iPad – connectivity

Sticking with the mobile purpose of a tablet, it looks like Microsoft might have shot itself in the foot on the connectivity front.

According to reports, the Surface will not come with 3G or 2G connectivity at launch, and will only be available as a Wi-Fi model.

It’s true that the majority of tablet owners use their device predominantly at home, but if it comes down to a choice between and iPad and a Surface, the connectivity might swing it.

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