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Microsoft Surface tablet – will it be a success?

After much speculation and debate in the lead-up to Microsoft’s press conference in LA yesterday, the US tech giant has finally unveiled its own tablet.

In a tech world that is increasingly turning mobile, the software giant is in danger of being left behind by the likes of Samsung and its old foe Apple.

Microsoft still enjoys a whopping 90% of the desktop market, compared to Apple’s 6%. But when it comes to mobile platforms, the ratio is virtually the opposite.

Analysts expect the number of mobile internet users to exceed the number of desktop internet users by 2014, meaning that Microsoft needs to get its mobile act together.

With the Surface tablet, it seems to be doing just that. The exciting new tablet was unveiled to much fanfare last night, but what do you need to know about this latest iPad rival?

Microsoft Surface specs

Details of precise specs are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, so we won’t know for sure just how good the tablet is for a while yet.

What we can tell you is that it weighs a very reasonable 1.5 lbs and has a 10.6 inch screen. It will also come in a 64GB and a 128GB model.

In terms of looks, the device certainly delivers. With a detachable keyboard and trackpad, as well as a handy kickstand, the Surface is both pretty and practical. But will this be enough for success?

It will be a success

Some experts are already hailing the Surface as the first true rival to the Apple iPad, with the looks and technology to finally give the dominant tablet a run for its money.

There has also been praise for the inclusion of a USB port, and the option of a keyboard will certainly attract people looking for more than just an overgrown smartphone.

It won’t be a success

The naysayers will argue that Microsoft has a pretty dire track record when it comes to its own products, shooting itself in the foot on a number of occasions.

Products like the Zune mp3 player were an embarrassing failure for Microsoft, and the less said about the Zin phone the better. So why should the Surface be any different?

Would you buy the Microsoft Surface? Let us know below in the comments area!

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