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Microsoft Surface RT UK pre-order prices, specs and TV ad

Microsoft Surface is Microsoft’s first big step into the tablet market and now with a matter of a week or so until it goes on sale, the Windows 8 tablet has had its TV debut.

Take a look at the first Surface TV ad below!

Pre-order & Pricing

Ahead of this autumn’s Microsoft Surface release date Microsoft has announced that the Surface is available for pre-order in the UK starting at £399 for the 32GB model without touch-cover.

The same version is also available with the touch-cover for £479 which is the same price as the 32GB third-generation iPad. By offering a touch-cover for the equivalent price of an iPad without any accessories it’s clear that Microsoft are gunning for their share of the tablet market.

To get your pre-order in, you’ll need to head to Microsoft’s official Surface site.


Keen Microsoft beans in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States can get their orders in now.

There’s also an optional Touch Cover which comes in black, white or cyan which can add a splash of colour but will set you back the princely sum of £99.99. The Type Cover, meanwhile, adds a physical keyboard to the slate and comes only in black for £109.99.

If you want the maxed out 64GB model in the US then it will set you back a cool £559 which is the same price as the similarly specified third-generation iPad but again comes with an extra touch-cover

Interestingly this news comes as a direct contradiction to early rumours from Swedish retailer who suggested the Windows 8 tablet would land as one of the most expensive devices on the market with the entry-level model listed with a £650 price tag.

While its £650 price tag for the 32GB is very much incorrect, the much more interesting £1,200 price tag for the 128GB Surface Pro model could well prove to be uncomfortably accurate if Microsoft is still planning to target the ultrabook market with it’s HD Pro version of the Surface.

Microsoft Surface Specs

Lining up at an Apple iPad topping 10.6-inches in size, the Microsoft Surface tablet is readying for launch later this year with a rugged Gorilla Glass 2 display and a higher level of usability and business centric functions than most portable devices.

Describing the Windows 8 Surface tablet as a “full PC,” Microsoft provided its 10-inch Nexus 7 competitor with a stunning 1920 x 1080p Full HD ClearType screen whilst the device’s form factor is finished off by a sleek metal back. Bridging the boundaries between dedicated tablets and standalone laptops, the Surface features a full size USB 3.0 connector and the option of 64GB or 128GB storage capacities.

With an 862g heft the Windows 8 Surface tablet is far from the lightest option on the market with Microsoft looking to further plump its business credentials with a number of full QWERTY keyboard and trackpad toting cases connecting to the device in Apple Smartcover-esque magnetic fashion.

For those not wanting to plump for an additional case, the tablet features on inbuilt kickstand to aid in media playback with the sleekly finished tablet sporting a bevelled edge for a more ergonomic feel in the hand.

Although we weren’t disgusted by the Surface when we played with it for our hands on Microsoft Surface review, it faces tough competition from all angles; can a £400 Microsoft tablet really contend with the premium iPad and the cheap-as-chips Google Nexus 7?

Are you tempted by the high-specced Microsoft Surface Tablet? Does this potential lofty price tag put you off and have you once again ogling an iPad? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds or via the comments section below!

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Microsoft Surface RT UK pre-order prices, specs and TV ad


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