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Microsoft Office 15 – what you need to know

Microsoft is really going for it this year, with all kinds of hardware, software and products set to be released throughout 2012.

OK, so Microsoft always goes for it. But this year it seems like the computer powerhouse is really turning up the pressure.

We’ve got more smartphones using the Windows Phone 7 OS, more use of the Kinect technology across different products, and Windows 8.

And now Microsoft has unleashed its latest version of Office, dubbed Microsoft Office 15. But before you rush out to get your hands on this exciting software, it’s just in technical preview at the moment.

But fear not, Microsoft has said it will be releasing a beta version of the software in the summer, which will be available to all of us.

But with the US tech giant moving into the future this year, you can expect some great things from the latest version of Office. So what do you need to know about Microsoft Office 15?

Microsoft Office 15 Metro?

Metro is Microsoft’s baby, its joker in the pack. Having been pioneered on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is using the design language in a number of its products at the moment, including Windows 8.

And it is proving popular so far, with Metro-apps offering smartphone users something completely different, and much more modern.

So it would not be surprising to see Microsoft make the latest Office a Metro-app, but the latest rumours suggest that we’ll instead see some ‘Metro-ish’ aspects.

Microsoft Office 15 for Windows 8?

You would think that Microsoft is gearing up to bring out the latest Office with the latest operating system. It makes sense.

But those of you with good memories will remember that Microsoft released Office 2010 a good 11 months after the technical preview.

And with the latest Windows expected before Christmas, Microsoft will have a tough time readying Office in time.