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Michael Phelps Launches Sports Simulation Game for Xbox

Push the Limit will be coming to Kinect for Xbox 360 in June this year, and is branded as being one of the most realistic sports simulation video games ever.

(Video courtesy of videogamefrance via Youtube)

The first game to come out of the partnership between Michael Phelps and global video game publisher 505 Games, Push the Limit aims to make the sporting video game more lifelike and intense than any other game on the market.

Those who see themselves as the next big swimming star can take part in gruelling competitions against professional athletes, including Michael Phelps himself.

“I’m really excited to help bring a one-of-a-kind swimming video game to the market that is reflective of my competitive nature and passion for swimming,” said Michael Phelps.

“Much like my training in the pool, Push the Limit is about improving and mastering every race element – from controlling your adrenaline on the block to perfectly timing your finish.”

Push the Limit, developed by Blitz Games, is also the first controller-free swimming experience to take to the Xbox, able to transform the gamer’s world into that of an underwater reality.

The game captures true swimming movements and translates them into accurate gameplay, so you have the opportunity to take on Michael Phelps in style.

Xbox Kinect Sales

An impressive eight million Kinects for Xbox have been sold since its launch, highlighting the demand for new games to let players actually experience demanding sportlike situations.

Users can master the action of gold medal swim strokes and learn valuable techniques which make the difference between winning and losing.

The Career Mode enables players to compete in successive tournaments and travel to the various locations where competitive swimming is competed.

These challenges range from trekking from heated outdoor pools against icy mountain ranges, to a Japanese dojo, to a huge, 80,000 seat outdoor arena.

The finishing competition in the Career Mode ends at the Annual Games tournament.

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