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Meze wood headphones – are they as good as they look?

Meze 88 Classics

Rating: ★★★★★


I purchased my Meze headphones somewhat skeptical but also very intrigued by this new stylish brand. I had never heard of this brand before and they are not endorsed by any big brand or publication. But the risk taking was rewarded:


The sound is just so nice and so pleasant. I would say that the they really deliver what they advertise. A comfortable headphone with a pleasant balanced sound and with a look that kind of ignores trends: the name “Classics” really fits them. I guess the word that I am looking for and that best describes them is ‘timeless’.

I listen to a very wide range of tunes and the 88 Classics did well in any situation. They reproduced powerful but un-distorted bass of my favorite album from The Knife (Deep Cuts), they let me hear all the details and layer of highly crowded jazz tunes. I tried rock and even some power metal. All sounded good!


Soft ear-pads (not sure if it’s real leather) but very comfortable. Detachable cable makes the headphones very practical. I hate it when I just yank out the cables by mistake. Those suspension pads on the headband are fantastic. They looked a bit goofy to me at first but once I used the headphones for a few hours I saw that it was not just a funky design feature. Those folding spring-like pads really make a difference.


  • Pleasant sound
  • Great style
  • Good comfort


  • Maybe the price but then again you can't really find any other wood headphones at this price


It is obvious that they touched my weak spot. And I am sure that there must be things that some might not like about them (price, style, sound signature etc.) but in all fairness, these are headphones to be proud of :)

They definitely appeal to the category of people who look for this classical style aesthetic; And they appealed to me; These headphones have already became one of those beloved objects in the house that you don’t want anybody else to touch :P

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