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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection coming to PS Vita

With E3 over for another year, the excitement caused by the LA games expo is starting to die down. It was a typically revelatory affair, with gamers given plenty to get their teeth into.

From new consoles to new gaming hardware, the biggest names in development and manufacturing from the gaming world did not disappoint.

It was our first chance to get a proper look at the Wii U, the latest console from Nintendo, and some interesting new developments from Microsoft and Sony. While many saw E3 2012 as a big event for Nintendo, ahead of the Wii U’s release before Christmas, it was also an important occasion for Sony.

The PS Vita, while not a failure by any stretch, has experienced a somewhat turbulent start since its general release earlier this year. With smartphones making mobile gaming a very crowded market, the Vita has struggled to sell in the numbers that Sony would have hoped.

So Sony has used E3 to drum up as much hype as it possibly can for its handheld console, with a number of new games announced.

Metal Gear Solid on PS Vita

For gamers, one of the most exciting will be the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which has just been released in the US.

Coming to Europe at the end of the month, Metal Gear Solid for the Vita will see enhanced versions of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater come to the handheld.

Not only that, but the package will also come with the original MSX Metal Gear games and Metal Gear: Solid Snake.

The titles have been given graphical makeovers for the Vita, with new trophies and bespoke controls to make use of the touchscreen capabilities.

This is just one attempt by Sony to lure gamers on to the Vita, and whether it works remains to be seen. But many gamers are sure to be tempted!