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Meet Your Perfect Match With LG

The LG iPro is big on the inside but compact on the outside, making sure all the food you could ever need is there at your fingertips even in small spaces. Plus with its Moist Balance Crisper and Fresh O Zone foods last for longer, letting you shop less often.

Food also remains fresher for longer due to the Multi Air Flow system, which evenly spreads cool in to every corner in the fridge for even cooling. It also cools down fast so the optimum temperature is regained quickly when putting warm food in to the fridge.

It’s also frost free so the appliance will keep running efficiently but more importantly you’ll never need to do that tedious task of defrosting your freezer ever again.

What’s more, it comes with all the top notch features that you would expect from LG including an in-door bottle water dispenser. This water dispenser dispenses water via a removable water tank, so there is no need for interior plumbing – perfect for chilled water whenever you need it. Plus with the twist ice tray you can make ice quickly and easily with no mess, keeping your drinks even cooler for longer.

Lighting is important in any fridge freezer as you want to be able to see the food at the back of your fridge easily so nothing gets left uneaten. The LG iPro has an LED light that gives a brighter light that lasts 5 times longer than a conventional light.

Finally the LG iPro has a clever little feature that means that it can be located nearly anywhere in your kitchen. Zero Clearance means that the drawer can still be opened, even if the door is open just 90 degrees. On most fridge freezers you have to open the door fully to be able to open the drawer. With Zero Clearance you can put the iPro where it fits in with the way you use your kitchen not where you can open the doors fully which is ideal for corners….perfect!

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Get ice and water with the non-plumbed LG GWL227HSYA

With the LG GWL227HSYA USA style fridge freezer‘s self sufficient plumbing system, not only can you install your fridge anywhere with a plug socket, but there are no unsightly hoses and no need to replace the filter. All you need to do is fill a fitted container with fresh water to generate crisp water and ice.

LG USA style fridge freezers

At 30.5cm, the water dispenser is one of the tallest on the market. With an easy access water tap, slide out pitcher rest, and dual water activation, this dispenser makes it easy to fill containers of all shapes and sizes with filtered ice and water.

Furthermore, unlike conventional fridge freezers where the icebox is inside the freezer, this one is in the door, which frees up an additional 10% of space inside the freezer, which is clever stuff!

Like the LG iPro, it’s totally frost free so you’ll never have to defrost the freezer. Plus is also includes all of the great food preservation features including the Multi Air Flow system, fast cooling and also has a Moist Balance Crisper. This is a special lattice-type box cover which maintains moisture at an optimum level. Moisture from stored food is evaporated and then condensed on the lattice, maintaining the correct balance of moisture in the box.

Finally, the GWL227HSYA has a number of digital sensors that monitor the temperature of the air entering the fridge and react instantaneously. This ensures that the fridge’s temperature is monitored at all times and remains constant saving you energy.

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