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Make working from home work for you

Does your day usually start with 60 minutes of hell? Fighting through crowds only to reach your desk stressed out and moody? And that’s before you’ve even started to tackle your workload for the day. Working at home could be the answer.

It certainly has its benefits, and more than three million people already enjoy not having to fight for a seat on the train. Many companies are certainly flexible to the idea of home working, so, if you’re thinking of taking the step, or have already started to set up your own home office, here’s how you can ensure your day is filled with answering emails rather than watching too much daytime TV…

Creating your office

Try to keep your workspace separate from your living space, and having a door you can close while you’re working is a good idea. Just as leaving the office at the end of the day gives you a great feeling, it’s just as satisfying to walk away from your work at home. Whether it’s your study or your spare room, find lots of room and invest in a comfortable chair – you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in it so it’s worth it.


If you’re responsible for setting up your equipment, you need to decide what you really need. You need functionality, but not necessarily loads of features, so check out information in shops and on websites and ask loads of questions. Product reviews, such as the ones on this website will also give you an honest opinion.

Most home workers prefer a laptop to a PC as it allows for a trip out to the garden or even to the local coffee shop. This will do wonders for clearing away cobwebs, sparking new ideas and will stop you from feeling isolated. This is where a wireless system is perfect as it will stop you from getting tangled up in wires when you want to venture to the sofa for a break.

You may not need an all-singing-all-dancing printer, so a basic (and less expensive) inkjet one could suit you perfectly. However, it’s also worth considering whether an all-in-one machine that prints, copies and scans might help you out more. A laser printer may seem expensive, but it’s a much more economical option in the long run if you’re printing a lot every day, and prices have come down in recent years making them much more affordable.

Better to be safe than sorry…

One thing to remember when you’re working from home is that you don’t have the office system to look after you. So the key word here is backup. An online backup package is an option, plus you could also buy an external hard drive to store all your important historical documents without clogging up your laptop.

Remaining Productive

Now you’re all set with your equipment, it’s essential to remain productive so start the day as you mean to go on. Resist the temptation to stay in bed and check your emails on your phone or laptop. Yes, it feels fun – even a bit naughty – but the amount of work you do will slump. But, on that same note, give yourself regular breaks, and don’t fall in to the trap of working too hard. A break in the office often involves chatting to a colleague or making a cup of tea, but at home you can press play on the latest Kylie album on your iPod and dance around the living room for ten minutes or use your cappuccino maker to make a perfect cup of coffee – after all, it’s your home, so you can do what you want.

If you can maintain the right balance between work life and personal time, you’ll avoid your job invading your home any more than it has to, leaving you to enjoy the benefits and freedom that home working gives you. It’s time to improve your work life and social life in one move!