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Make the most of home entertainment this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. It is that
time of year when we eat too much, drink too much, and (almost inevitably) fall
asleep watching Dr Who.

Although we may fall asleep after
one-too-many glasses of Champagne on the big day itself, no festive season
would be complete without Christmas TV.

And the big channels have not let us down
this year, with a host of films, soaps and Christmas specials. Here is our pick
of the best home entertainment to help you fully enjoy the Christmas telly
schedule. Falling asleep is optional.

Smart TVs

TVs have come on leaps and bounds in the
last few years. We had plasma, then LCD, then LED, then 3D and now we have smart

For those who like their TVs huge and
imposing, the Samsung PS64D8000FUXXU 64” Plasma 3D TV is available for just under £3,000. At
64 inches, this is a TV that is not to be sniffed at, and you should consider
whether your living room can handle a TV of this size.

But if you think you’re ready for it, this
is a great choice for all your Christmas viewing needs. With its smart TV
capabilities, the Samsung offers a range of on-demand film and TV services. So
there’s no need to fight over the remote, unless that’s a Christmas tradition
of yours.

Home cinema

If you have a cinema-sized screen in your house, you might as well
get some cinema-quality audio to go with it. The Sony HTAS5 Sourceless Speaker
Package will give you the cinema experience for around £200.

It isn’t cheap, but the Sony HTA5S will make a real difference to
the audio quality of your TV. Connecting through HDMI, the home cinema system
will offer surround sound with Dolby Prologic and Dolby Digital. The Queen’s
speech will never have sounded so good.

Blu-ray player

If you are fully embracing the 3D revolution, you’ll need a blu-ray
. The Samsung BD-D8200 comes in at around £300, and offers 3D
capabilities as well as 250GB of storage.

This will allow you to store films on the set-top box, to watch to
your heart’s content. Just remember to buy the 3D glasses!