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Lytro Light Field Camera – the future of photography?

We’ve all taken photos where we completely messed up the focus. The new camera from a company called Lytro aims to make that a thing of the past.

The new ‘light field’ camera technology captures scenes in a completely new way, allowing you to take a picture quickly, then refocus at your leisure when you get home.

No more focussing with Light Field Technology

The first commercial camera to feature this technology will be released in early 2012, and will cost $400 in the US. Other than the amazing focus tech, the camera itself will be reasonably basic, with no flash, an 8x optical zoom, and a small touchscreen for framing your shots. It features just two buttons – power and capture.

You’ll need to upload the photos from your computer to the Lytro servers to play around with them, but you can share them on Facebook or Twitter. As the technology is still in it’s very early stages (the software is Mac only, for example), I think this will just be for hardcore gadget fans, but the potential for the rest of us in the future is amazing.

There are loads of demo pictures on the Lytro site or, if you’re looking for something a bit more practical, you can check out our digital camera buying guide for advice on picking the right camera (and hopefully getting the focus right in the first place).