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Love Coffee? Whirlpool Coffee Machines Will Make You Love It More!

With Whirlpool Coffee Machines you can enjoy perfect tasting, intensely flavoured, real Italian espresso and creamy cappuccino in the comfort of your own home!


The fully automatic built-in Fusion Range coffee machine, ACE 102, is ‘bean to cup’. With an integrated coffee bean grinder, you will have the freshest coffee at your fingertips, as the coffee is ground then and there.

With an ergonomic design, not only does the built-in coffee machine look fantastic in your kitchen, but it is easy to use, too.

So, what do we mean by easy to use?

Well, the brewing unit is removable for easy filling and cleaning by being accessible from the front of the unit. It comes with a jar which makes frothing milk for your favourite cappuccinos and lattes a doddle.


And with intelligent technology that allows your personal settings to be stored, you can set the machine to remember your preference for coffee strength and temperature, making morning coffee at home all the easier! The Whirlpool coffee machine collection also features mini built-in coffee machine, ACE 010, which is semi-automatic.

This means you have flexibility upon installation, whereby this coffee machine can sit in-column or in an upper cupboard.


With its flat design and anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish, the Whirlpool ACE 010 coffee machine perfectly matches the rest of the built-in Whirlpool kitchen appliances and fits seamlessly with the Whirlpool Gallery concept.

Featuring espresso and cappuccino options, this coffee machine offers fantastic coffee in the comfort of your own home.