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Logitech UE: new line-up revealed

Launching a total of seven audio devices in their new line-up, Logitech are offering a real boost to music lovers through their Ultimate Ears (UE) product range – but what can users expect from these new entries?


For wireless playback both inside and outside the home, Logitech UE has launched two new devices – the UE Mobile Boombox and the UE Boombox.

Updating the original UE Mobile Boombox, which received criticism for its disappointing appearance, the new variant improves the stylistic qualities drastically whilst improving sound quality marginally. The price tag remains the same – so wallets will not be adversely affected – but those who own the original will not notice enough change in sound quality to warrant an upgrade.

The larger UE Boombox supports eight internal drivers and is relatively stylish for those looking for a sound system which exudes class. Operation is straightforward and the device has been heralded as the follow-up to the Wireless Boombox for iPad, released by Logitech at the end of last year.


Adding a total of four new headphone designs to their already extensive product range, Logitech UE has covered literally every base in their new line-up.

The UE 900 Headphones boast the highest specifications, with three-way audio crossover for a “textured sound” provided through ear pieces which contain four armature speakers apiece. UE 9000 Headphones boast similarly impressive credentials, with Bluetooth compatibility and noise-cancellation features distinguishing them from other products. Their price tag is relatively hefty though; limiting their target audience dramatically.

The UE 6000 Headphones are the brands closest rival to Beats by Dr Dre but benefit from a lower price tag than the star-endorsed headsets. They’re still not cheap but an indulgent two year standard warranty is provided to protect your investment.

Catering to the budget end of the product range, the UE 4000 Headphones embrace the traditional design of over-ear (circumaural) units and offer high levels of comfort thanks to memory foam ear cushions.

Smart Radio

Boasting an upgraded user interface from their previous 2009 model, the UE Smart Radio offers seamless music streaming, with a new smart radio controller app compatible with iOS and Android operating systems also thrown into the mix.

Owners of the older model should receive software updates and app support to put them on par with this new model soon; so purchasing an upgrade is not necessary.

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