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Login Options with Fast User Switching

This guide will show you how to use the features on your Apple Mac which will effect the way you log in, and enable you to have two accounts simultaneously logged in.

Get Started…

Select “System Preferences” from the menu under the apple sign, and then click on “Accounts” which is under the “Systems” section. On the bottom left, click on the lock button, which will require your admin password.

Changing your Login Options

The login options are on the bottom left. You can select “Automatic login”, which can enable an automatic login to one specific account. If this is turned off, you will see a list of the user accounts. However, you can also select “Name and Password.” This is a more secure choice. In the event of your laptop being stolen, a person will have to guess the user account names and the passwords, rather than just having to crack the passwords.

You will also see options to change the language, and whether you want to view a password hint when logging in. You can choose to have a voiceover at the login stage, which confirms what information each textbox is asking for.

Fast User Switching enables you to log on to an account on the computer without having to log out of the currently open account. Click on your name at the top right hand corner of the desktop. You will see a dropdown list of the users of the computer, and a tick next to their name if they are logged on. If you click on the account you want to log on to, you will be asked for the password, and you can transfer to the other account without having to log off the current one.

Remember, when more than one person is logged on to the computer, they can lose their work if you choose to shut down. To avoid this, select “log off” instead; this will keep the other account(s) logged on.