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Livescribe Connect: Note Taking Made Easy

The new Livescribe Connect software and smartpen makes sharing and taking notes far easier than putting pen to paper. Find out how now.

Ever been in a meeting or a class and thought it would be great if I could share these hand-written notes with a colleague without having to type them up? Well, now you can ditch your notebook using a new piece of software, Livescribe Connect, designed to make your handwritten notes and spoken information digital, searchable and shareable.

If you spend a lot of time making hand written notes in meetings and then writing them up for hours when you are back at the office – or worse still – at home that evening, the Livescribe could be a great addition to your personal office arsenal.

So how does it actually work? Livescribe smartpens digitally capture everything people hear and write.  In order to play back the content all a user has to do is simply tap anywhere on handwritten notes in a Livescribe notebook, on a computer, or on their mobile device.

The software package that comes with it makes it possible to quickly send these handwritten notes and recorded audio from your notepad as either an interactive PDF or “pencast” direct to someone’s email, Facebook page, Evernote or Googledocs – you can even send them direct to devices such as the iPad or iPhone.

The software does sound impressive: Just by drawing a line and writing ‘Google Docs’ on paper, anyone working on a collaborative project can quickly share a pencast with his or her team. And if you are a regular on Facebook – you can share your updates with both written and spoken status updates.

The Best Note Taking Software Package?

And if you use their own software and cloud hosting package – MyLivescribe Connector – registered customers receive 500MB of free online storage for their pencasts and they can be accessed via mobile devices for on-the-go note revision.

Not convinced? Listen to it yourself by clicking here to playback a Pencast PDF (note: you will need the latest version of Acrobat for it to work).

The two new Livescribe smartpens for the UK market are the Echo 2GB Smartpen, priced at just £99.99, and the Echo 4GB smartpen priced at £149.99.