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LIVE Apple iPad 3 Launch Event Coverage!

That’s it from us! ‘new iPad’ is here! Thoughts & reactions please!

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19:36 – What’s in a name?

So the big surprise for the evening, no official name for Apple’s new tablet. No iPad 3, no iPad Touch, no iPad HD… not even iSuper Awesome Pad HDS :( Just ‘new iPad

Apple Store website has been updated to show a nice shiny ‘new iPad‘. Nothing we didn’t really expect (out of the blue) from tonight’s keynote (other than the name). Some decent upgrades and overall, a decent tablet that we’re sure will do well.

If you’ve been with us for the last few hours, thanks and be sure to let us know what you think of the new ‘new iPad‘ (sounds weird…) below in our comments area!


19:30 – Wrapping up the Keynote

Apple CEO Tim Cook is back to wrap up the keynote. “we are just getting started” he says.

Here’s our round-up so far then: The new iPad features
an awesome Quad Core A5X processor, a Retina Display, 4G LTE, Siri (love it or hate it) and an
improved 5MP front camera and 1080p rear camera. Also, there’s a series of upgrades to apps including our
highlight which is the new iPhoto App.

Big surprise of the night though is the name. From what we can gather, the new iPad will be named… ‘new iPad’…

19:25 – Cheaper iPads for all!

Confirmed just now!.. kind of… Apple’s HUGELY successfull iPad 2 will remain on sale and will be at a lower price of $299! The new iPad will start at $399. Still no official name though!!!

19:20 – Phil Schiller is back!

A very interesting quote from Phil Schiller as he returns to the stage – “Don’t let anyone
ever tell you that you can’t create on an iPad”.

Interesting why? Maybe because this is basically Intel’s whole marketing strategy for the new Ultrabook laptop series! Apple do love a little digg don’t they.

19:13 – iPhoto gets an introduction

Apple’s new iPhoto App is looking pretty impressive and seems to be making full use of that Quad Core A5X chip.


picture courtesy of Techradar

19:06 – Garage Band & iMovie

A clip shows 5 people sitting around a coffee table each with a new iPad having a jam session using Garage Band. Either very cool or incredibly sad depending on which way you look at it…

Updates to iMovie now mean you will be able to record an entire HD Digital movie, edit and publish it. Pretty cool stuff.

19:00 – Demo time. Quad core in action!

3 demos have been shown to show off the awesome power of the new processor. Infinity Blade Dungeons is shown, a sketching App and some music
apps. Everything (of course) looks stunning on the retina display. Garage Band demo looks AWESOME and there’s an update to iMovie.

18:54 – Size and weight

The still nameless iPad (although the rumours suggest iPad Touch) will be slightly thicker and slightly
heavier: 8.8mm goes up to 9.4mm and and 1.3lb to 1.4lb.

Oh and did we mention that the new iPad will have LTE (much faster than UK mobile networks)!

ipad 3 event

picture courtesy of Techradar

18:51 – The prices are in… Got the cash to splash?

Both price and battery life are unchanged for the new iPad (still no official name by the way), despite the
upgrades which is brilliant news. It will start at £399, (16GB, WiFi) up to £649 (64GB,
3G/WiFi). Available from 16 March! Start counting the pennies!

18:47 – Quick round-up so far

New iPad to include a retina display, Quad Core graphics, an iSight camera on the front, 1080p camera on the back. Looking good so far but nothing that wasn’t already predicted. Will be availabe in black and white, same as the iPad 2. STILL NO NAME!!!

18:40 – Wirelessness

Apple are now announcing a next generation of wireless tech… Should be good! 18:42 – Different versions for different bands but otherwise exactly the same. Less than exciting…

18:35 – iSight Camera in focus

An iSight camera has been announced for the new iPad. Specs include a 5MP sensor, a 5-element lens and
an Apple-designed ISP. Also auto face-detection, auto focus lock. By all accounts and according to Phil, it’s a “blast to

Also has Full HD video recording. Standard…

18:33 – More on the display

An A5x with quad-core graphics. Display is only the “first feature”. 264 pixels per inch.

18:27 – On to the iPad!

It has a retina display! Phil Schiller is now on and telling us just how good it is on
the 9.7 inch screen (indicating the display will be the same size). Also, it does have a home button.

He goes on… “Redefining the
category” “Amazing improvements while retaining everything that people
love about it”

18:22 – Apple TV to debut next week!

Apple TV is to make it’s debut (most likely in the US) next week. Tim now gives a quick demo featuring the wonders of iCloud.

apple ipad 3 event - apple tv

picture courtesy of Techradar

18:16 – 1080p chat

Apple CEO Tim Cook is now talking about iCloud and supporting 1080p HD movies. Perhaps a taste of things to come? iPad HD???

18:12 – Stats…

Tim Cook is realing off the stats. 315 million iOS devices sold. 62m last quarter. We’re on to Siri and apps – the 25 billionth was in China. Impressive stuff but we want the iPad!

18:00 – We’re off!

Here we go, it’s 6pm and Apple’s iPad 3 event is underway!

Out comes Tim Cook and he begins by talking about the post-PC era. “Apple is lucky to have the devices it has” he says.

“Things that make a post PC company are the things that Apple has been about for many years.”

17:00 – Just 60 minutes to go

We’re now into the last hour of the countdown and Apple’s Store website has gone down with a very nice ‘we’ll be back soon’ graphic.

ipad 3 ipad hd event apple store

16:45 – Just over an hour to go and there’s a new name in the pot!

Latest rumours are now pointing towards the new Apple tablet being named the iPad Touch! Also, Apple Stores are getting 4G installed ready for a LTE toting iPad.

Latest Leak 12:15

A recent iPad 3 report has indicated that you might be able to pick up a shiny new iPad 3 (or iPad HD) as soon as next Friday!

Rumoured release date of the 16th of March was leaked to 9to5mac by a
source close to the Apple Store. He/She confirmed that the iPad 3 (iPad HD?)
would be on the shelves in shops just nine days after being flaunted in front of the
world’s media today!

Rumour Update 10:15

Just under 8 hours to go and sources at The Guardian reckon the new iPad will come with an ‘E-Sense textured touchscreen’.

According to the newspaper, Apple will showcase an ultra-cool new display which will
appear to have ‘texture’ and make the touchscreen feel rough, rigid or
rounded in certain areas.

The Guardian believes that Finnish company, Senseg, have developed a system called E-Sense
which appears to give texture to a touchscreen.

In the report, the newspaper said:

“By using “tixels” generated by electric fields from elements embedded
around the screen, it can make areas of the screen feel rough, ridged or
rounded – and change those just as the screen pixels can change.”

iPad 3 Rumour Round-Up – 06/03/2012

In the build-up to the iPad 3 event, we’ve heard all manner of crazy rumours but which ones are likely to be included in Apple’s next tablet? Take a look at our favourites below and let us know what you think ahead of tomorrow’s big event!

Quad Core Processing Power!

One of the likely rumours floating about is that the new iPad will include a spanking new processor which is odds-on to be Apple’s new A6 quad-core ARM-based processor.

According to the Korea Times in November, the A6 processors are to be
manufactured by Apple’s best friend Samsung and could be based on the new ARM A15 core design.

New Retina Display?

This was one of the big rumours for the iPad 2 launch which didn’t come to pass but recent rumour mungers have predicted that a lovely 2048 x 1536 resolution 9.7-inch retina display will be sure to feature in the iPad 3.

Best to take that with a pinch of salt though because back in May, there were reports that the iPad 3 would launch with a
Samsung-made AMOLED screen. There was even talk of Apple conducting secret chats with LG execs.

December gave us the most recent and promising leak though with rumours of a Sharp-manufactured 2048 x 1536 retina display and dual lightbar.

iPad 3, iPad 2S, iPad HD, iSuper Awesome Pad HDS?

Chinese iPad case makers ‘Chinee’ have started manufacturing cases for a new tablet it’s calling ‘iPad 2S’. A decision that is likely to either end in promotion and champagne or a P45 in the morning. With the exception of iPhone 5-gate though, case manufacturers have a solid history of being right on the money when it comes to Apple’s new hardware releases so don’t discount it!

The most recent rumours though point to Apple’s new tablet being named ‘iPad HD’. This comes via leaked parts listings of iPad accessory
manufacturers Griffin and Belkin, who only get information on Apple
devices a week or two before they are announced. The listings in question apparently show the product name as “Griffin IPAD HD”.

Then there’s plain old iPad 3 which seems the more likely so far as all rumours point to a sizeable upgrade from the iPad 2.

iSuper Awesome Pad HDS… we made that up.

A Bigger Battery

A leak posted online last month showed a casing supposedly for the iSuper Awesome Pad HDS (we like the name) with a slight size increase suggesting larger battery and/or graphics