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Lil’ Jamz – Big Sounds

Monster Cable Lil' Jamz

Rating: ★★★★☆

Anyone looking for a similar usage or for something around this price mark won’t be disappointed.

Look and feel

Firstly, with regard to their appearance, they look very stylish. They are nice and small and the buds are actually made of metal (chrome finish) which a) looks good and b) wont resonate like other plastic buds – so sound clarity should be better.

They also come with a carry case which will protect them when not in use. Another nice little feature is the cable clip they have added to the design. This was extremely useful at the gym, preventing the earphones from falling out while I was exercising.


With regard to the sound quality, this was also pretty decent.

The fact you get a variety of different tips to custom fit the earbuds means that firstly you should be able to get a nice comfy fit and secondly, you will benefit from great sound isolation. All I could hear was my music – no other external sound.

The sound quality was very balanced for low, mid and high frequency. The only slight negative was at higher volumes you would tend to get the common ‘crackling’ sound where they would begin to struggle with tracks that are heavy on the bass.

Having said that, I have experienced other earphones that perform far worse than these AND at lower volumes.


  • Very Comfy
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • Do not perform too well at higher volumes with low frequency sounds (bass)
  • Cable tangles really easily


Overall, I am happy with these earphones as they serve the purpose I had in mind – a lower priced yet good quality alternative to my Beats that I can use while down the gym. If you are really in to your music and are looking for top quality sound I would probably opt for something in a higher price bracket (in my case the Beats). But if you are looking for a viable slightly cheaper alternative, these definitely hold their own.

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