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Light Up Your Floors with the AEG Nimble


Rating: ★★★★★

I’m a house-proud mother of one, so I’m forever grabbing the vacuum to clear up all those unsightly crumbs. Any cleaner that makes light work of hoovering is a bonus for me so I was delighted to test out the AEG Nimble upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Getting Started

Putting this cleaner together was unbelievably straightforward and was ready to vacuum in just a matter of minutes from taking it out of the box.


The unique swivelling action made getting around and under furniture a breeze, while the snazzy LED headlight ensured there were no dark corners for dust to hide in.


I have multiple floor surfaces, so the Nimble’s on/off brush roll came in very handy for carpeted and hard floors. It was extremely easy to reach stairs and ceilings thanks to the 3-in-1 on-board Versatool, the four meter hose and extendable telescopic tube, which is neatly housed in the Nimble’s handle. The ergonomic handle also has a simple one-touch electronic display, particularly useful when switching between high and low power.

The power button and floor setting controls are conveniently situated on the shoulder of the cleaner, so there was no need to bend down to reach any of these.

The crevice tool made it extremely simple to clean in all the little nocks and crannys.

The Nimble also comes complete with a stair nozzle which was great for giving my stairs a good blast.

Useful for interior car cleaning also, the ‘handheld unit’, can be released by squeezing the buttons on the cleaner’s stick and is snapped back after use for instant floor cleaning once more.

Finally the large 2 litre capacity dust bin allows you to suck up a lot of dust before emptying.


Featuring 276 watts of air power, the Nimble packs a pretty hefty punch for its low weight, while the HEPA filtration system prevents pollen, dust mites and allergens being released back into the room.


  • lightweight
  • lights for dark areas
  • long hose for extra reach
  • easy to empty bin


  • none


This is a powerful, stylish lightweight upright vacuum that’s easy to manoeuvre and maintain, making it the perfect cleaning companion for all homeowners!

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