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License to Thrill: The HD Video Spy Camera Watch

Looking for the ultimate gadget gift for a would-be-spy? A HD Video spy camera watch is exactly what you need.

There comes a time in every man’s life when they finally have to give up on their boyhood dreams. As we age most men have to finally forget about playing centre forward in the Premier League or becoming professional wind surfers or rock stars, and reconcile ourselves to the fact that we are now grown-up adults.

So what do many men in their thirties and forties then dream about? Undercover spies of course.

The great thing about spies is that they have to – on the surface – look like they lead normal everyday lives like the rest of us, but underneath they are real-life James Bonds and Jason Bournes.

A great gadget promises to give men – and women, though I suspect this device will appeal more to men – the ultimate just-turned-spy feel.

Mini Spy Camera: On a Watch

Chinese company Ankaka have created a spy camera watch that combines a camera and a video recorder into a normal-looking watch.

Available in either 4GB or 8GB, at first glance the watch looks completely normal, but it has the ability to take photos and record both video and close range audio – up to 3 metres – simultaneously. It can even function as a portable flash drive!

If you want to play the spy – or perhaps sometimes wished you could have recorded a conversation for prosperity – the spy watch helps all you record encounters, interviews, meetings and on-the-scene discussions without anyone even knowing what you are up to.

The spy watch records video and audio in AVI, at a resolution of 1280×960 at 30 frames per second: which means it can record in HD. The battery can be used for 2 hours of continuous recording, but even when the battery for the video recorder runs out, it can still keep time as the watch mechanism runs on its own separate battery.

And it wouldn’t be a spy watch would it if it wasn’t waterproof: you can safely use the watch to 30 metres, but please note it is not, technically, a diving watch.

The spy watch may sound a bit Big Brother-ish, and the manufacturers are undoubtedly playing on the James Bond fantasies of millions of people around the world, but there could actually be some practical reasons for having the watch, for example when recording memos to yourself or taking minutes at impromptu business meetings when you may have forgotten your smartphone.

The spy watch has a high-quality 2.0 megapixel camera which can let you take crystal-clear photographs, too. To get images and video onto your computer all you need to do is connect it to the USB 2.0 port.