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LG throws hat into cloud storage ring

LG has launched LG Cloud, a service which facilitates online sharing of content and files between TVs, smartphones, PCs and tablets.

Anyone can grab 5GB of space, but existing LG TV or smartphone owners will get a whopping 50GB of room for videos, files, or whatever else they choose to throw up to the cloud. For six months, anyway.

While saving files to cloud storage account is nothing particularly new, what could prove to be a nice feature is the transcoding feature, which will essentially convert the video file you uploaded via your PC to something you can realistically watch on your smartphone with a click.

The site describes it as: “RTS(Real-time Transcoding) service refers to the technology that converts and transfers the type(extension) and quality of a file to the optimal type and quality to each replaying device so that a user may enjoy the multimedia files stored in LG Cloud using any kind of devices including TV, mobile phone or PC. In addition, a converted streaming file may be stored as it is.”